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Songwriting can be one of the most important aspects when developing and creating a song. Here at Untapped Talent we now offer an opportunity to work with the fantastic musicians from Zeus bookings. Through our partnership with Zeus, which is headed by well known local artist Daniel Eagle, it allows our clients the opportunity to work with professional songwriters and musicians and experience dynamic and inspiring songwriting sessions with rewarding results.

Song Writing sessions 

zeus bookings

Zeus have several musicians available who can help either with a commercial songwriting idea, creative writing, personal songwriting or writing material for your band. With a mixture of musical backgrounds, they are ready to help you put down an entire song with lyrics, melody and harmonies. We are here to help you get a product that can compete in the current industry.

No matter what style or genre we can help, you may want to learn how to write commercial songs, learn new methods or establish some rules to follow in order to consistently achieve a great standard of writing. Depending on your requirements, we can focus more on the lyrics, the music, your recording and production or help you with playing your instrument and your singing technique if required.

Whether you need advice on shaping your lyrics, structuring your songs, enhancing your melodies, this package offers a variety of techniques to enable you to achieve your personal best as a songwriter and have a finished commercial, professional track.


What's involved


Day 1

A personalised session with a member of the Zeus team who will guide and help create a song from scratch for you and have you prepared for the session in the studio where you’ll record your new material.

Day 2

On a separate session you’ll then have a seven hour day session with us at Untapped Talent in our multi track studio. During this session you will lay down all elements of your song and have all parts recorded, mixed and mastered to industry standards. At the end of this session you’ll go home with all finished tracks on a CD, download link or media device, ready for you to promote and distribute.


We can also provide session muscians to assist with additional instrumentation if needed for the creation of any song. This is provided as an additional service and costs are agreed with the session muscian and the client.

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