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Untapped Talent holds ourselves to the highest standards with top-of-the-line equipment, facilities, and production assistance. We offer the clients we work with our services - including Mastering and Mixing opportunities - at competitive rates. Get in touch and learn how we can help you achieve your musical goals.

Mastering Services 

How it works

Mastering is the final step in your music being the "finish product". Untapped Talents engineers are highly experienced in Mixing and Mastering and you get quality better or equal to studios that cost twice the price and more.


Mastering can make the difference between a "good" and a "great" song. Mastering is the last stop in the line of audio quality control. A well mastered song is more likely to impress the record labels, and get radio play. Whether you have spent thousands of pounds at a studio or recorded your music at home, your master will have that final touch that makes it stand out from the rest!

Untapped Talent will provide the personal attention, and dedication your project needs. You will be able to contact us about your project at any time.

Upon request, we will also give you a copy of your song as an MP3. MP3 files are great for sending via email, posting on a website, or for additional backup on your hard drive. We offer this service at no additional charge.


Mastering involves

  • Overall equalization for clarity and consistency throughout the song or album

  • Making volume levels consistent and competitive, without being over-bearing

  • Editing of content

  • Providing better separation between instruments

  • Multi-Band Dynamics Processing

  • Ensuring that the audio will translate well between different playback systems

  • Provide proper fades and spacing

  • Noise removal

  • DC Current Removal

  • Sequencing of the songs (if needed)

  • Provides an objective "ear"

  • Special attention in any area (noise reduction, special enhancement, effects, etc.), if needed.













Digital Master (via IZotope Ozone 10 Advanced)

Building on a 18-year legacy in audio mastering, Ozone 10 advance brings balance to your music with never-before-seen processing for low end, real-time instrument separation, and lightning-fast workflows powered by machine learning. No more wondering if your music is ready for primetime with Ozone 10, the future of mastering is available to your mixed tracks.

This service is offered at our hourly £23 rate!




Analogue Master (via SSL Fusion stereo analogue processing unit)


If track needs mastering and your looking for that sought after analogue sound then this is all you need! 


We offer analogue mastering using this outboard unit which utilises options like vintage drive, Solid State Logic’s unique violet eq and various other colouration tools designed to bring the perfect combination of added tonal character, weight and space to your song, with the detail, warmth and finesse that only real analogue circuits can provide.


We offer this service at the fantastic price of £50 per song!


Mastering is essentially the stage of the audio production process that enhances digital audio before replication, duplication or radio play.


Through creative compression, equalization and limiting, your digital audio is brought up to radio and streaming standards.

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