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" We spent two days recording at Untapped Talent and we can't thank Matt enough for the effort and enthusiasm he put into getting the sound the way we wanted. It was great to go to a studio where the Engineer really cares about the way the tracks sound and also gives advice, but at the same time allows the band the freedom to make decisions on what they want to get out of their time in the studio. Untapped talent is highly recommended to all bands who want to get good sounding tracks recorded in a relaxed environment. I'm sure we will be back! "


 — Rapids.

"By far the best music studio on the south coast, the team are super reliable and good at their jobs, it's a seriously relaxed atmosphere and an all round good place to make and record music, if you haven't used this studio yet, get booked in! "


— DJ Reload

Thank you ever so much for your hard work on making our debut EP sound even more excellent! Very much appreciated and upon listening back to it we all agree you've done an incredible job on mixing and production!"


— Chromatones

"Thank you for recording with us. The tracks are amazing.


They are the start to our new EP currently named - 'The Loveridge Sessions"


— The Amelias


"Very Reliable, my company have been working very closely with Untapped for a long time.

Always get your money’s worth !"


- Zeus Bookings

"The quality of the recording that we got out of Untapped Talent is of very high quality. The recording that we did there is of industry  quality and it is very hard to find a studio to produce such a brilliant sound at such a low price. When we recorded at Untapped  talent, they worked so hard to get the sound we needed out of our recording. We spoke to them about how we wanted the CD to sound and he gave us exactly what we wanted,  I recommend this studio to any musician or artist because the whole recording process and environment was absolutely fantastic."


—— Ninety Percent Nudist

" My daughter turned sixteen and received a one hour recording session as a birthday gift. With no previous experience of recording studios the prospect was quite daunting for her. Matt at Untapped Talent put her mind at rest, provided backing tracks at a moments

notice and the final product was a top quality recording. The hour allotted flew by and as dad’s do I asked for more time, Untapped Talent came through without breaking stride. I can honestly say I have never been happier with such an inexpensive service. Regardless of talent or experience I can really recommend this service to all. "


— Kevin Mullen

"Matt was a breath of fresh air, as we had done many a recording at our university with various different producers but just couldn’t find the exact result we were looking for. With Matt I feel we have found that, as he works with a great balance of professionalism and fun."


— Mark, lead singer of Chromatones

“The 'Maps' EP is an impressive debut release. Where was it recorded and who produced it? "


"The EP was recorded at Untapped Talent in Southampton which is right next to the train station. It'fs a funny thing really because you wouldn't even know the studio existed.


It is run by this guy called Matt, who has this amazing set up, and it would be fair to say that production wise it was a joint thing with him. We sat behind Matt, because he knows what he's doing, and we attempted to get the ideas we had in our heads into his. That's five into one, which can be a bit of a squeeze, but it worked out really well in the end and we're all very happy with the outcome."


— Taped website review of The Rapids

"Matt's studios have become popular with local musicians and those from further afield over the last year. One reason for its' popularity is that Untapped Talent is probably the cheapest studio available for hire in the South, at only £15 per hour. It also has the advantage of being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and unlike many other studios has no maximum or minimum time limits."


— Quoted from Playing Out Loud