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Q. What is your availability for the studios?


A. The best thing to do is contact us with a date and time of when you wish to book either the studio or the rehearsal room, as we can then try and fit you in as best as possible to your requested booking.


Q. Do I have to book in advance?


A. It would be best to try and book the studio as early as possible so that you get your first choice of day and date for your booking, as the studio may be booked on the day you are looking to use the studio.

Q. What will I need to bring to the studio when I come to record?


A. Make sure you bring your lyrics and any additional cd/memory stick/external hardive etc that contain your backing music that you will be using and any other equipment that will need during your time at the studio.

Q. Im in a band and want to record at your studio what do we bring and do you have any equipment there at the studio that we can use?


A. If you’re a band visiting the studio please make sure you bring all your equipment that you will need for the session i.e. amps, guitars, drum kit for example, even thought we do have a selection of equipment at the studio for bands to use we always state that it is always best for the bands to use their own equipment when possible as they will be able to use their own equipment better as they have a better knowledge of it rather than using equipment that they are not familiar with. Also they may end up getting a different quality or result if using different equipment than what they usually do, so to prevent this we advise for you to try and bring and use your own equipment when possible.


Q. Can you supply backing tracks or karaoke tracks?


A. Yes we can if you let us know which songs you are wanting we can try and obtain


them from our database, please note that there may be an additional charge for this.


Q. Can you make a song from scratch for me and how long does it normally take?


A. Yes we can, we have highly trained producers working for us at the studio that can deal with producing high quality original productions. Time involved with producing original tracks depends on if you already have ideas for your song or have already written lyrics to the song, if this is the case then it will take less time. Although if you have no idea yet about lyrics and ideas for the song then this will make the process take slightly more time.