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We hope you are all staying safe and well.  Now the government have stated they are moving into phase two we are pleased to announce after advisories by Public Health England and the NHS that we are re-opening our recording studio and rehearsal room facilities from June 1st.


We have spent the last week ensuring that both rooms are covid secure which will mean implementing government guidelines, such as encouraging social distancing, hygiene procedures and ventilation of rooms to ensure safety for all our clients.


Each room will contain hand sanitizers, disposable tissues and cleaning wipes along with antibacterial sprays, all free and encouraged to be used.


Before and after each client uses our facilities we’ll clean each room fully and disinfecting high risk areas such as microphones and pop-shield which will enabling us to continue maintaining hygiene requirements.


We ask that if you do have a booking with us and contract or show any symptoms or have been into contact with anyone suffering from symptoms or currently diagnosed with coronavirus that you please contact us immediately and do not attend any session until you are clear of symptoms or have quarantined for the advised 14 day period.


If you would like to make a booking or you have a regular session that you would like reinstated then contact us. We look forward to seeing everyone and restoring a small amount of normality after all we’ve experienced during this pandemic.