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About Untapped Talent

With over nineteen years of experience within the industry we have over this time built up a reputation as one of the south's premier recording studios. Due to this we can deal with virtually all audio/recording requirements for our clients, which has led them to return again and again.




Our studio and rehearsal facility is regarded as one of the highest quality facilities in Hampshire and the south for all of your audio needs, no matter if you are a professional singer, artist, in a band or even just a beginner.  We understand schedules that people have to work around and due to this, we are the only studio in the area possibly even in the whole of England to be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so whether its day or night you will be able to come and use our studio. Also with our policy of no minimum/no maximum time limits, you can enjoy spending as little or as much time as you want, which at most studios is not offered due to minimum time restrictions.


Our prices start from a rate of £20 per hour as we feel that many studios out-price the majority of musicians who just don't have the funds to forward their career and make quality music.


Overall our studio has a great professional and working atmosphere and everyone who visits our studio will enjoy and feel relaxed during their time here.

Matt's role includes studio manager, producer and engineer along with being owner of Untapped Talent,


Working on all types of projects and helping with regards to co-producing records and involvement in every stage of the recordings, from pre-production in the rehearsal studio, through to the finishing touches in our main studio.


He has worked with several high profiled companies such as Sony BMG, SKY, BBC, Southern Daily Echo and theatre company Smile Productions. Not only this but Matt has also worked and recorded in many recording studios throughout the UK and is highly experienced in the world of music.


Matt's previous studio projects have included award winning and million album selling Welsh rockers Bullet For My Valentine, Southampton’s own Band of Skulls, British hip-hop artist Brotherman and Marvelous Southstar, former Def Jam artist Aaron Soul and many other established acts.

Matt O’Donnell BA (hons) Sound Engineer / Music Producer

All this experience along with other professional freelance engineers and producers who also work within the studio makes Untapped Talent the ideal studio for any client, company or any level of musician, singer, group or band.

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